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CrazyFruits » JAMAICAN FASHION & RUNWAY » How To Dress For Sumfest

How To Dress For Sumfest

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1OH How To Dress For Sumfest on Tue 15 Jul 2014 - 0:32



Ashleigh is on trend in a beige romper with a tribal-inspired design. A gold metallic belt and statement necklace add some luxe to the look, and comfortable thong sandals complete the effortlessly chic ensemble.
Natalia Oh!,†Contributor
Reggae Sumfest which kicked off yesterday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate good music and good times!
Thankfully, it's also one of the times when looking stylish and feeling comfortable is effortless thanks to some of the season's hottest trends - tribal prints, bright neons, dark florals, mon-chromatic duo, cropped tops, high-waist shorts, knitted and crocheted jumpsuits. Hopefully, it can help to inspire some of your own Sumfest looks, and we are eager to see how you put your own twist on your own looks! Stay tuned for our shutterbugs.
Here are your fashion essentials to really enjoy this year's Sumfest.
Comfortable shoes
Flat sandals, laced up flat boots, sturdy wedges and trendy fashionable sneakers can make any outfit stand out in the crowd and endure the long hours of the night. These are great because they are comfortable, fashionable, and look fabulous with a pair of jeans.
If worried about being stepped on, it's probably a good idea to stick to shoes that cover and protect your toes.
Lightweight scarves are essential as they can be used as wraps if the night gets chilly and also be worn as turban buns to ward off the early morning dew.
Choose from a variety of headwear - from floral crowns, to bejewelled bands to beaded Indie-inspired ones. It's a quick way to look summer chic.
'Snap backs' or fedoras
This is another way to add some edge to a summer concert look. It also has the added bonus of not having to worry about your hair falling limp during the event.
Add some bling with a statement necklace to jazz up a basic T-shirt and comfortable distressed jeans. Choose pieces that add some drama but won't weigh you down - think lightweight pieces.
Small cross-body bags, wristlets, or even small leather backpacks can secure your essentials for the night and still be fashionable. Forget the envelope clutches and satchels for this night, or you will be spending the night securing a big bag instead of enjoying the performances.
Jumpsuits or rompers (short jumpsuits) are comfortable and chic. However, if sporting a jumpsuit, make sure it is hemmed to the right length so that it is not sweeping the ground.

Ashleigh wears a pair of light blue distressed denim pants with a neon yellow chiffon top with lightweight wrap and sandals. Crystal is ready for the festival in a pair of distressed denim cut-off shorts with a darfloral cropped top and neon yellow skinny belt and flat black thong sandals.
Ashleigh is stylish and comfortable in a tribal print jumpsuit with a statement necklace and a gold metal faced belt. Crystal is styling in a black minimalist jumpsuit -broad brown leather belt, stacked brown bangles and gold circle earrings gives a nod to tribal chic.

Ashleigh in a striped high waist shorts with a mustard yellow cropped swing top and a floral crown. A pair of sturdy beige espadrilles anchors the look and adds some height.

E:Crystal wears a green tube ruffles top which is paired with a white crochet shorts, her crystal necklace adds some sparkle to a soft feminine look.

D:Ashleigh is on trend in a beige romper with a tribal inspired design. A gold metallic belt and statement necklace adds some luxe to the look and comfortable thong sandals completes the effortlessly chic ensemble.

Crystal will have no worries in a pair of shorts in a comfortable stretch cotton fabric in a tribal print and a cropped bra top in a non competing sand colour. A gold statement necklace and sturdy wedges anchor the look.

Creative director and stylist:
Natalia Oh

Allure Fashions
Shop #18b
Leaders Plaza
(876) 895-8756
Ashleigh Barnes
Crystal Baylor
How to dress for Sumfest


Creative director and stylist
Natalia Oh

Allure Fashions
Shop #18b
Leaders Plaza
(876) 895-8756

Ashleigh Barnes
Crystal Baylo[/size]

2OH Re: How To Dress For Sumfest on Fri 14 Nov 2014 - 12:21


You sure is attractive but some chicken AND burger would'nt hurt.

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