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CrazyFruits » celebrities & their lifestyles » VYBZ KARTEL and the Law

VYBZ KARTEL and the Law

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1bat VYBZ KARTEL and the Law on Sat 15 Mar 2014 - 4:08



In this 2010 file photo Vybz Kartel, while performing at Dancehall Night Reggae Sumfest, donned his 'jail bird' uniform and as part of the performance, is handcuffed by a supposed hired police officer. - File

Vybz Kartel

The cover of 'Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto' - Contributedl

1 2 3 >

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer
Go dung dutty Babylon
Big up every prisoner
Big up every warder
Out a road mi say
Babylon say jail for me
Then the judge say bail for me
Somebody tell de jury
Jah control my destiny
- Bail For Me, Vybz Kartel

After months of preparation and trial, deejay Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer is among a quartet duly convicted on Thursday evening by a jury for murder.
An appeal is expected, which would extend the already protracted legal process around the case even further, but then, based on his spotted history, Kartel will understand that the wheels of justice tend to grind slowly.
And if the lyrics of some of his prodigious music output are anything to go by, he expects the outcome of legal processes involving the 'World Boss' to be resolved in his favour.
In July 2010, Kartel famously appeared on stage in a bright-orange jumper suit, the shackles on his wrist symbolically unlocked to symbolise his freedom from police custody - temporarily - as it turned out.
In the aftermath of the Tivoli Incursion of May 2010 (probes into that now reaching an important stage with hiccups over the composition of a commission of enquiry), Kartel was one of several major persons of interest called in by the police.
On June 29, 2010, The STAR reported that Kartel was one of six persons with whom the St Catherine South police wanted to have words.
A release from the lawmen said, "The St Catherine South police is asking these major persons of interest to turn themselves in at any police station in Portmore or any police station across the island."
Kartel told The STAR that he would be going to the Greater Portmore Police Station, though without any knowledge of the circumstances leading to him being summoned.
"Well, my thoughts are that it is very puzzling to me as to why the police have me as a man of interest. But if the police want to speak to me, I have to go in because I have no problem cooperating with the police in any way, shape, or form possible ... I'm not worried because there is no point in crying over spilt milk, but I am concerned abut the length of time in detention."
At that time, there was a state of emergency in effect. Kartel was released on July 16, 2010, in time to perform on Reggae Sumfest, orange jumper, handcuffs, release theatrics and all.
That was not the only time Kartel was named a person of interest by the police. Later that year, he and David 'Mavado' Brooks were named as such by the police in connection with a number of crimes in the St Andrew North Division. These included a double murder on Mannings Hill Road.
After turning themselves in to the Constant Spring Police Station, both men spent the night of Wednesday, November 10, in custody and were released the following day.
Kartel and Mavado were aligned to the nearby communities of Cassava Piece and Big Yard, respectively.
The Gully-Gaza feud between Mavado and Kartel had potentially long-term effects as it was a major cause of the hotly contested Section 15 of the anti-gang legislation.
Section 15 of the anti-gang legislation proposed: "A person shall not use a common name or identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical marking, colour or style of dress or graffiti or produce, record or perform songs to promote or facilitate the criminal activity of a criminal organisation".
Eventually, it was not included in the law.

Squaddie mi nah stop bun my ganja
So come put on de handcuff dem
Memba mi mus get bail
Carry mi go jail
A in deh de high grade sell ...
Mi step inna de court lawyer pon de lef, lawyer pon de right What a nice team
- Mr Officer, Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel and the police were involved in a different way in 2007. Then, Kartel and sometimes-artiste Mikey 'Pelpa' Lynch (in 2008 he was booed at the Boxing Day Sting concert after saying "me turn the Gaza into plaza") were encouraged to participate in a peace march through Waterford.
Kartel's Gaza camp and Lynch's Lynch Mob outfit were apparently at odds, and in late November 2007, a peace march initiative seemed to bear fruit. The march started at the Waterford Police Station and went through the communities of Mexico, Boston, Lynch Corner, Gaza, Park Height, Flatbush, and Little America, ending up at the bus terminus.
Kartel said after the march: "Waterford nice again. A straight positivity we a bring back in the community so di place can get more financially viable for everybody through sports and music."
Although Kartel has been convicted of murder, he is still in a better position than Mikey Pelpa, who drowned in 2010 after attempting to enter the United States via a boat from The Bahamas. He was reportedly 30 feet from the shore of Uncle Sam's land.
... Mi no peep through rail
Mi have weed for sale
Mi lawyer a big Queen's Counsel
So mi never worry bout bail
- When Shotta Go a Jail, Vybz Kartel featuring Alozade

2bat Re: VYBZ KARTEL and the Law on Tue 18 Mar 2014 - 23:20


He had and still has so much going for him. I never use to like dancehall music but vybz kartel is the voice that drew me to it, he sound so different when he is delivering his notes in the music, he do it with much conviction, only a real star can convert you to something and make you feel as if you are in the video with him. He was going to be really big now he is locked up.

3bat Re: VYBZ KARTEL and the Law on Wed 19 Mar 2014 - 1:00


We miss vybz kartel, he is dancehall, we love him.


4bat Re: VYBZ KARTEL and the Law on Mon 31 Mar 2014 - 0:04


Its a sad situation, nobody wins.


5bat Re: VYBZ KARTEL and the Law on Mon 31 Mar 2014 - 0:31


He had so much going for him, this is very very sticky.


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