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    CrazyFruits » Entertainment Movies Trailors & More Interesting Things » U-Cee's in the mood for reggae

    U-Cee's in the mood for reggae

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    1COOLER U-Cee's in the mood for reggae on Fri 7 Mar 2014 - 15:36




    .remove_caption{ display:none; }

    This is the first in a 10-part series looking at the impact of dancehall/reggae culture around the world.
    MOST weekends, Ussana Solomon makes the commute from his home just outside of Munich to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.
    The 30-year-old Solomon, known in music circles as U-Cee, is a singer-producer and emerging player on Prague's vibrant reggae scene.
    He was recently in Jamaica for recording sessions with Half Pint and also to film a music video. The productions are for a mixtape, a follow-up to his 2012 debut album, International Call.
    According to U-Cee, that eclectic 15-track set is a reflection of Prague's diverse reggae scene.
    "It's a good mix 'cause people in Prague and Europe love a mix of reggae, so we wanted to give them a touch of everything," he said. "The younger generation are into dub and dancehall, older people are into lovers' rock, ska and rocksteady."
    In terms of demographics, Prague is the most diverse city in the Czech Republic. Formerly Czechoslovakia, it was one of the countries in Europe's vaunted Iron Curtain.
    The Czech Republic's hardline era is long over. A more liberal outlook has encouraged persons from different countries to settle there, especially in Prague.
    Many of them are into Jamaican music.
    "There is a fairly large African community in Prague and they are some of the biggest supporters of reggae," said U-Cee.
    In the last three years, the demand for dancehall/reggae in the Czech Republic has grown. Half Pint, Tarrus Riley, Chronixx, Konshens, Cham and Duane Stephenson are some of the artistes who have performed there.
    The country hosts 12 reggae festivals annually, the biggest being the Ostrada Reggae Festival.
    U-Cee is part of Europe's changing demographics. He was born in Germany to an Egyptian father and a Tunisian mother but grew up listening to his mother's collection of classic pop music, which included a number of Motown artistes.
    When he was 15, U-Cee says he discovered reggae through Marley, Dennis Brown and Garnet Silk. But it was not until one of his compatriots came to the fore in 1998 that he really got into the music.
    "Gentleman came out with the Journey to Jah album. I remember saying to myself, 'Finally, a German artiste promoting reggae'," he recalled.
    As a nod to his heritage, U-Cee worked with North African musicians on International Call. His mixtape, titled In The Mood, was released in February.

    2COOLER Re: U-Cee's in the mood for reggae on Mon 10 Mar 2014 - 20:23


    He must be new because Im just hearing about him.


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