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US formally tells UN it wants out of Paris climate accord

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CrazyFruits » WORLD NEWS AND SPORTS FROM SKY » My Kingston Jamaica - Wesley ‘Diplo’ Pentz

My Kingston Jamaica - Wesley ‘Diplo’ Pentz

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What's your actual name and how did the moniker Diplo come about?
Wesley Pentz. Diplo is a nickname girls gave me when I was in high school.

Wesley ‘Diplo’ Pentz

Wesley ‘Diplo’ Pentz

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What was your first impression of Kingston?
I've been coming here almost a decade and always loved it. It was initially mainly for the music scene, but I started to deal with lots of other aspects of the culture and country. I'm really interested in moving here one day.
What is the most memorable meal you've enjoyed in Kingston?
Well, I love to eat at New Leaf. Everything there is good and it's nice because I was addicted to patties for a while.
What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day?
If I were mayor, I might build a tunnel that goes to Portland to get there faster; but also I see the crazy opportunities in legalising marijuana here. It's already legal in 27 states in the US, and Colorado in particular generates a lot of revenue for their state and tourism, and even more people are now living there because of the lax rules. Whether you like it or not, Jamaica is associated with the plant and I think it's only smart to embrace it instead of fighting it and wasting government resources.
What's currently on your ipod playlist?
Beyoncé's Drunk In Love and lots of Major Lazer demos!
Share the title of the last book you read.
I'm reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude again.
What's your beverage of choice?
Straight rum.
What cologne are you splashing?
I just got some Margiela cologne for my birthday but I haven't used it yet.
What was your last major splurge?
I'm always buying new laptops. I'm a techie. Otherwise, I'm notoriously cheap.
Share some places in your black book.
New Orleans is one of my favourite places. I love Scandinavia, Trinidad, Panama and Venezuela, where we have had amazing shows,
Clue us in as to who you are working with in studio?
There's so much. Our Bieber and Big Sean tune came out last week but besides that lots of stuff for the new Major Lazer album. I'm also doing songs with SIA or Roc City from St Thomas. I'm also working with Pharell and Usher.
You're a huge fan of Jamaican music. If you were stuck on an off-shore island close to Jamaica, which three artists would you most want to be stranded with?
Kartel, just because there wouldn't be a dull moment. Toots, because he just seems like the coolest fellow, and then we need a girl, so I'm gonna choose my high school crush, Patra.
Where and when last were you impressed by a new artist?
Chronixx really had us when we did that mix tape; we knew he was special. He became a huge star like we knew he would.
Whose work do you most admire as your contemporary?
Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars, for sure. They are just a cut above as songwriters.
What do you consider your best and worst traits?
My best is that I'm a workaholic. The worst is that I think I'm addicted to women, and I need to learn to play bass.
What inspires your creative process?
Other musicians, vibes and women.
What is your philosophy?
Be good and honest with yourself and accept all challenges.


what is is that sweet you so much in kingston?

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