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US formally tells UN it wants out of Paris climate accord

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CrazyFruits » celebrities & their lifestyles » Did michael and whitney really had a long secret love affair??

Did michael and whitney really had a long secret love affair??

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Sources close to the singers claim they were inlove and michael jackson was planning to marry her.


who cares stars do this all the time




yes they did lol



Had they been married they wouldve had some darn good looking children, they are so damn gorgeous. At the height of when their love was blossoming hollywood did everything in their power to rip them apart, they made whitney houston star in that film with bruce wilis the white guy, and singer madonna chased down michael jackson relentlessly begging him to go out with her, eventhough she knew he didnt like her in that way.



I hate to admit this, because Im a fan of jackson but not a huge fan as some of my other peers. Yes hollywood have a weird way of spoiling a good thing, the problem is that when madonna was forcing herself unto jackson, it came as a big disapointment when he did'nt sleep with her, she even slept over at his house one night and nothing happened, then she started to develop resentment and sour grapes towards all the jackson including his sister and thus the gay rumours about michael jackson started. So what he did was quickly started to date elvis presly's daughter and rushed into marriage with her to fan the heat away from him being gay. He even wanted children with her to prove his manhood but her mother was'nt having any of it, so jackson rushed into another thing with the nurse to have children as the hollywood society was hot on his heels and he wanted to prove that he is just like any other man. Well his second marriage was accident as it was jackson's mom who begged him to marry the nurse as it was more appropriate for the family because of their upbringing and such.

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message


I love them together, so cute


The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message


White girls use to stalk will smith, jayz, usher, neyo on every website where there was a post about the singers and actors, they use to write some nasty rumours about these young men of how they are gay. Usher got it the most and when he married tameka the black girl it got even worst, when usher and his wife divorced thats when all the online stalking and rumours stopped. Some people can be so vile, evil, and jealous of a black relationship its like Im stunned sometimes of how wicked they can be towards black couples until the couples they just either collasped or give up. Usher said that the pressure they put on him when he got married was one of the main reasons why his marriage didnt work, and because his wife then knew how much they hated them together she became extremely jealous and paranoid and it drove them apart. The evil media should leave black couples alone let them be, just like how the black media and black people leave white couples and stay out of their business the white people should stop spreading hurtful rumours everytime a black couple hook up. Remember alexandra burke when she just start to date the black footballer jermain dufoe, I knew it was not going to last. White women chased him down and made sure everything is photographed and splashed across every news media, until the couple come to an abrupt end. White female are so jealous of black couples its so unbelievable how spiteful and evil they can be.

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Remember when aids and hiv was first discovered among a group of white gay male, then it crept into the white porn industry, and then alas into white couples bedroom? Well during that period there were a number of hiv deaths among white celebrities, then the movie industry start to target the black actors and actresses with having an interacial partner, when they realised that so many of them have the hiv virus, they decided that they were going to find a way to spread it, so they groom black men and women. Lots of gay black men start to show up in films, meaning they gave them gay parts and also white women as love interests while they target black female with white male as love interests, all of a sudden interacial grooming was left right and center. In the 50's 60's, 70's and parts of the 80's not many black people were rich so whites use to make sure they stay clear of being near or pitting them as love interests, they kept their far distance. Then in the 80's when whites found out how many of them have the hiv virus, interacial movies with black and white couples start to spring up in the caribbean, and america. It was like a surreal faze. White women and men start to travell extensively all over paying to have sex with very poor clean black men and women gave them aids, they passed it on to their black girlfriends, Then aids start to run rampant among every black community around the world it was like watching a movie and everybody around the world was catching a virus. All of a sudden whites took a keen interests in young black people wanting to mate with them. White gay men pass it on to black gay men that are already groomed by the media to become gay, they start to have lectures about black men being gay, it was like they were telling them its ok be gay come be with us, you will have a friend with the YMCA you will have lots of fun, it sounds ridiculous but its true. Every social website that Im registered on white females chase me and send lots of messages and then make it seem as if its us black men doing the chasing. Beware they are preying on us lots of aids cases are still in the white community be very careful, notice how they claim that our community is filled with aids yet they are still telling us to hook up interacially? its very weird if black men have so much aids why are they still chasing us so bad?



@HaloRun try to keep it in your pants and you will be safe mate! pun intended.


whether it was white who first spread the virus or blacks who last spread the virus, at the end of the day hiv has gotten out of control all around the world. It does'nt matter anymore, fingure pointing will never solve anything, abstinents from sexual activities, using a condom or making sure that the person you are sleeping with is clean and already got tested and is negative of the virus is the best way forward.


The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message


In early 1980 a young gay man in New York City contracted an unusual illness that defied diagnosis. Upon his death an autopsy revealed that he had suffered from toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by cell-invading parasites. Joel Weisman, a Los Angeles doctor, noticed that a number of his patients -- all homosexuals -- were suffering from an illness he diagnosed as cytomegalovirus (CMV). Five suspicious cases of pneumocystis in Los Angeles were reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, a federally funded research facility monitoring disease patterns. In the summer of 1981, physicians in New York City found 26 gay patients suffering from Kaposi's sarcoma, a rare form of skin cancer. Normally, these were treatable afflictions, but in each case the patient's immune system was abnormally, mysteriously, suppressed. By the end of the summer the CDC was aware of 70 more cases of Kaposi's and pneumocystis in New York and California. The victims were young , white, gay males, and 40 percent of them had died. The CDC announced that the "fact that these patients were all homosexuals suggests an association between some aspect of a homosexual lifestyle" and the disease. Was there a new infectious killer disease sweeping through the gay population? The gay community vigorously resisted such an idea.

Financially strapped by federal budget cuts, the CDC allocated only $2 million in 1982 to organize a task force that would investigate this lethal medical mystery. While some referred to the syndrome as GRID (gay related immunodeficiency), it was AIDS -- acquired immune-deficiency syndrome -- that became the widely-accepted name. In 1982 it became apparent that the disease was not confined to the gay population. It seemed, as one DCD researcher indelicately put it, that AIDS sufferers belonged to a "4-H Club

As Port au Prince had been a favorite vacation spot for American gays, the Haitian government blamed them for introducing AIDS into the country. By 1985 it was estimated that nearly 60 percent of New York City junkies had been exposed to AIDS, as had one-third of all prostitutes, principally (it was suggested) because they were junkies themselves or had had sexual relations with bisexual men. The proportion of AIDS patients who were gay remained a fairly constant 75 percent, and a few religious leaders went so far as to say that perhaps the syndrome was God's way of punishing homosexuals. And in 1982 news spread that AIDS could be transmitted through blood transfusions. In a matter of weeks blood bank donations declined 25 percent. The case of Ryan White, an Indiana youth who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion and was banned from attending school, received national coverage. In Florida, the home of three boys afflicted by the virus (through transfusions) was burned to the ground.

Researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris announced in 1984 that a retrovirus called LAV, lymphadenopathy-associated virus, found in the blood of 90 percent of AIDS patients, caused the syndrome. At the same time Dr. Robert Gallo of the National Institute of Health reported that a new virus, HTVL-3 -- an antibody present in 89 percent of AIDS victims, was the cause. Genetic code research showed that LAV and HTVL-3 were the same virus, eventually identified as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Spread through blood and other bodily fluids, HIV affected the body's ability to produce enough antibodies to fight infection, rendering the victim susceptible to various life-threatening diseases. Since the virus spread slowly, five to ten years could pass before the victim contracted AIDS -- the stage when serious infections began. An AIDS blood test became available in early 1985, and 11 million kits were sold in five months. Unfortunately, the kits produced erroneous positive results at least 25 percent of the time. In spite of all the knowledge gained about the HIV virus, irrational fears persisted, leading some to suggest a quarantine of suspected carriers. More reasonable steps were taken; New York's Mario Cuomo sought to close gay bathhouses and the Department of Defense resolved to test all 2.1 million members of the military, promising not to automatically discharge any servicemen who admitted to homosexual activity.

An anti-AIDS drug, AZT, came on the market in 1987. Developed in 1964, the drug was discovered to prolong the lives of AIDS victims by Dr. Samuel Broder of the National Cancer Institute. But many felt the Food and Drug Administration was acting too slowly in approving experimental drugs for AIDS treatment The White House was criticized for a perceived indifference to the AIDS epidemic. Gay groups demonstrated in Washington and unveiled a memorial quilt containing the names of 2,000 AIDS victims. Congress consistently felt that the administration's requests for AIDS-earmarked funding were too low, and granted the Public Health Service nearly twice as much for research and public education. Some administration officials blasted Surgeon General C. Everett Koop for being too outspoken in his advocacy of condom use as well as AIDS and sex education in schools. The Conservative Digest described Koop's approach as "toleration of perversion." Education Secretary William Bennett called for mandatory AIDS testing for hospital patients, prison inmates, immigrants and marriage license applicants and attacked state laws that made AIDS diagnoses confidential. Critics argued that confidentiality protected AIDS victims from discrimination and social ostracism. At issue were the rights of individuals versus the welfare of the community as a whole. In June 1987 an unanimous Senate approved compulsory testing of immigrants. By that time estimates put the number of people carrying the HIV virus at five to ten million worldwide, with over one million in the United States, 25,000 of whom had died. Without doubt the advent of AIDS caused many Americans to drastically alter their sexual behavior to reduce the risk of contracting the syndrome.

Conspiracy Theories
Speculation abounded in the 1980s regarding the source of the AIDS virus. Some believed that AIDS was a government plot to kill homosexuals. A rumor was floated that the military had developed the virus for biological warfare. The Soviets suggested that the CIA had developed AIDS. Chuck Ortleb, publisher of the gay weekly, New York Native, stated that AIDS was a human version of African swine fever which, according to the Boston Globe, had been introduced into Cuba in 1971 by the CIA and anti-Castro rebels; it then spread to Haiti, and from there into North and South America. In the 1986 issue of The Lancet, a medical journal, researchers reported finding evidence of African swine fever in nearly 50 percent of AIDS victims who were tested. A more reasonable theory was that the virus had originated in Africa; there seemed to be a direct link between the AIDS outbreak in Europe and Zaire.


Im from the US and I can remember those times well when my mother took me vacationing in the caribbean and in those days, the people all over the caribbean became afraid of us because of the origin of the aids epedemic, they start to associate everyone from the usa and haiti with having aids, and rightly so because when we use to watch news on the us tv chanels the caribbeans were catching hiv and aids from the sex tourists. It use to be reported that whenever any caribbean nationals caught it, they 100 percent came into sexual contact with a sex tourists, they are normally poor individuals who got paid to have a few sex sessions, then they not knowing that they caught anything pass it on to their girlfriends or boyfriends who is a native of the island. at that time aids in all the caribbean island was a one off case except for haiti where there use to be a tourists boom in port a prince. Also the sex tourists industry started to boom all over the world and increase in the 1990's to 2000. Im not ashamed anymore its just life, its worldwide disease now so precaution is the only remedy.

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