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CrazyFruits » African/Caribbean/UK/GeneralDiscussions » Sasha Irons rules the Caribbean

Sasha Irons rules the Caribbean

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1OH Sasha Irons rules the Caribbean on Sat 7 Dec 2013 - 5:34



Sasha Irons shows off her medal. - Photo by Carl Gilchrist
Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer
SASHA IRONS has been a volunteer at the Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre in St Ann's Bay for the last three years, assisting with the National Council on Youth Development (NCYD) and the National Council on Drug Abuse, all of which fall under the Ministry of Youth.
In April, she was successful in gaining a scholarship to study sports development at the Regional Sports Academy in Paramaribo, Suriname, for eight months, thanks to the Ministry of Youth and the NCYD, with assistance from St Ann Youth Empowerment Officer Anisa Wilson.
On November 25, Irons returned to Jamaica with a certificate in sports studies, finishing as the best student of the 21 persons from across the Caribbean who did the course.
"I graduated as the valedictorian, the best grade achiever, top of my class, and best athlete," a proud Irons told Rural Xpress on Thursday.
She graduated with a GPA of 3.3.
Arriving in Suriname two weeks after the start of the course, Irons, while expecting to do well, did not expect to emerge on top but was happy for what transpired.
"I was excited at the graduation. I was elated because I didn't expect it! But I knew I was not representing myself but the entire Jamaica, the Ministry of Youth, the NCYD, my community, my family and lastly, myself, so I had to stay focused."
Irons is now qualified to teach sports at the community level in the disciplines of football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics and cricket.
Currently, she is charged with responsibility for developing and then piloting a sports programme at the NCYD in St Ann, after which the programme will be implemented nationally.
"I'm excited!" Irons said. "Youth development has always been my focus, and I am now given the opportunity to help people, so with that I'm grateful. We're going to take it one step at a time to see how best we can do it."
Outstanding young lady
Wilson is happy for Irons' success.
"I'm feeling so proud," Wilson said. "Sasha is a very outstanding young lady and sometimes young people really need an opportunity to shine, and that's what she got. I'm happy I was able to assist in getting the scholarship for her. She went and did Jamaica proud, and I'm feeling good."
Irons grew up doing track and has been assisting with sports development in St Ann for the last six years as assistant coach at Upcomers Athletics Club. She also has been assisting the development of the track and field programme at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School, since this academic year.
For the future, Irons would love to see sports being used as a tool in helping personal development in youth and also to create employment.
"Sports can help you develop into a well-rounded person," Irons said.

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