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CrazyFruits » African/Caribbean/UK/GeneralDiscussions » Rastafari Village get-together tomorrow

Rastafari Village get-together tomorrow

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1OH Rastafari Village get-together tomorrow on Sat 7 Dec 2013 - 4:59



Four of the 12 members of the roots reggae band Rock Top chose to relax at the Rastafari Indigenous Village Fortnightly Friends and Family Get-together recently. From left are lead singer and drummer Ralston 'Ragga Moses' Baker, Harmony singer Shaoni Smith, bass guitarist and vocalist Raphiel 'Ras Lig' Chambers, and drummer Alonzo Earle. - Photo by Claudia Gardner
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Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator
The Rastafari Indigenous Village will stage the second of its Fortnightly Friends and Family Get-togethers at its Montego River Gardens location in St James tomorrow.
According to General Manager Arlene McKenzie, a major thrust of the event is to further include community members by inviting small-business people within the creative industries, including visual craftsmen, artists, musicians, poets, and others to use the space to market their services and natural products. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.
"We decided to have a day when we would do all sorts of community activities. We are making crafts of different kinds, and we are inviting artisans to come in and just sit and soak up the space because it is a day to paint, to draw, to knit. We are also inviting artisans who are poets because we also have a microphone just sitting there, so we invite persons to come and share their poetry, their work - share whatever it is they are working on," McKenzie said.
"It is a day that we hope will be inspirational and transformative. So we invite everyone to join us for an afternoon of just chilling and relaxation," she added.
The first staging of the Fortnightly Friends and Family Get-together, which was held two weeks ago, included a reading and book-signing by A-dZiko Simba Gegele, who launched her new book, All Over Again.
Dub poet Cherry Natural also presented her debut album, Intellectual Bad Gal, and conducted a participatory intro-ductory class in 'Self-Defence for Women'.
Reflexology and massage services were also offered by massage therapists Haddo and Sistah Maureen as well as other wellness presentations.
McKenzie said the event, which is health and wellness-centred, will continue to feature foods that promote general well-being.
"We are completely vegan and raw, so salads, sip, ital stew, roast yam, and sweet potato are some of the things we offered in the first week. The village is by the river, and so if it is to your taste, swimming is also on the agenda. We will have the usual drumming, ital food, herbal juices, craft, and a very good vibe," McKenzie said.

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