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    CrazyFruits » JAMAICAN FASHION & RUNWAY » Hanky panky

    Hanky panky

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    1bat Hanky panky on Sun 30 Jun 2013 - 19:14



    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [b style="font-weight: bold;"]>[/b]
    When it comes to fashion, sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.
    Case in point, pocket squares. A very small item that makes the world of difference in defining a man of style. Get a variety of colours and change throughout the week. Why wear one twice?
    Though it may seem like a traditional handkerchief, don't get it twisted.
    Here are the rules

    If you blow your nose in it, it belongs in your pants pocket, not your breast pocket

    Price doesn't matter. A $300 square works just as well as one that costs $2,000.

    Try wearing a square that echoes the colour of your shirt or tie. If your plaid tie has a subtle yellow in it, go for a square that has a red tipping.

    If your breast pocket bulges, you need to refold it or get a smaller one.

    One hankie, two ways
    From board room to cocktails, hankies are versatile. There is no such thing as a casual or formal square. It takes the personality of whatever you are wearing. It can go with your most formal suit or your weekend blazer.

    Folding a pocket square ...
    Don't simply stuff them into your pocket; thatdoesn't cut it.

    1 Fold in half - don't worry if the edges line up perfectly.

    2 Fold in half again making a firm crease.

    3 Now fold again, to form a rectangle.

    4 Fan out so the edges are visible.

    5 Slide into pocket and leave about one-half inch showing. Fiddle with it until it looks perfectly imperfect for a more relaxed look.

    All outfits courtesy of MaxBrown, shop 38, 106 Hope Road. Tel: 929-5027/978-3967/978-4383

    Note the trimmings on the square complements the stripes of the tie. It's very simple; don't overthink it.

    Pink or white makes your choice simple. Nothing is wrong with keeping the pocket classic, but get bold and experiment. - photos by Gladstone Taylor

    2bat Re: Hanky panky on Sun 30 Jun 2013 - 19:28


    is this what they refer to as tieing the knot?

    3bat Re: Hanky panky on Wed 3 Jul 2013 - 21:53


    I like to see men in suit, it gives them a more refined look, it makes them appear more classy Very Happy Very Happy 



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